pure. high speed. natural. scandinavian. skin care


e:botanicals is for you, if you are interested in using body care products that don't contain alcohol or fillers, but that do contain carefully selected ingredients that actually nourish your skin, hair, and mind. Or, for you who simply like natural, honest, hand crafted things.

Simplicity is one of the foundations of e:botanicals. If you know and are able to pronounce the names of what is in the products you use daily, you can not only feel better but are also able to make informed and conscious choices. The selection of beauty- and body care products out there is a jungle of choices and claims, and it takes us further from what is pure and natural. I like to listen to and work with natural products, because nature is where we came from and, in fact, what we all are.


e:mist is growing into something bigger - e:botanicals. The mists are still around, but joined by new family members on a regular basis. What remains is the promise of sticking to what is pure, natural, and honest. To a growing extent, the ingredients are also certified organic. The fragrances are made with blended essential oils, which are the molecules present in plants that give them their particular smell and taste.