questions & answers

My skin is sensitive and tends to react with many products. Would your products be good choice for me?
- We recommend seeking out a store that carries e:botanicals and trying for yourself first. The reason for why it's hard to say, is because of - contrary to what you'd think - that those with sensitive skin often handle synthetic products better than all-natural ones. Synthetic products (mostly) have to go through extensive testing to be approved, whereas natural products more commonly are simply assumed to be OK. That being said, the products in our range has been tried and tested before entering the market, and would not have been introduced if they had caused trouble during the testing phase. 

What are the shipping costs?
- Shipping within the Netherlands is free, and to many other European countries as well. Please see current shipping information for other destinations by clicking the link 'shipping & returns' in the footer menu.

Can I return the product if I'm not satisfied?
- We evaluate on a case-by-case basis. See 'shipping and returns' in the footer menu.

Where can I go to smell and try the products?
- Have a look-see where you can find e:mist and e:botanicals by clicking 'retailers' in the header menu.

Do you test on animals or use animal-derived ingredients?
- No and no. Never have, never will.

I've run out of my e:mist/e:botanical. What do I do with the bottle/jar?
- You can either recycle it into glass and plastic, or re-use it for another purpose! :)

I'm interested in selling e:botanicals in my store. How do I go about this?
- Use the contact form to send a message with the name of your store, and a website link if possible.