#ALNOI - allantoin

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Huzzah! Another little note on ingredients! As allantoin is now figuring in 3 products from e:botanicals (including the soon to be released MÅNE - the moon mask), I thought it was time to delve a little deeper into this lovely ingredient. No time for chit-chat!

Moon mask

Allantoin is available from both natural and synthetic sources. Naturally, it's available in most animals and plants (!), and is an ingredient that's safe for most skin types - most of the times. Ok, but tell me what it's good for!

  • Smooth skin: allantoin is often used in products that aim to reduce the appearance of scars (from acne, for example). For people with "upset" skin, allantoin is also helpful in that it acts calming and protects healing skin.
  • Fresh skin: allantoin keeps skin fresh and rejuvenated by promoting cell regeneration (which ties into how it can reduce appearance of scars) as well as encourages the skin to shed dead cells. 
  • Hydrated skin: while not as potent as powerhouse humectant hyaluronic acid, allantoin is still good at locking in moisture.

    So there it is folks - short and sweet.