#ALNOI - d-Panthenol

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D-Panthenol, or provitamin B5 as it's also called, is a hero ingredients in several different kinds of products. It's mainly useful for skin and hair, where is turns into vitamin B5 when it is absorbed. And then...

The hero ingredients of ÄLV are d-Panthenol, hyaluronic acid, and allantoin.

The hero ingredients of ÄLV are d-Panthenol, hyaluronic acid, and allantoin.

Magic does not happen. Science happens. When applied on skin, fibroblast proliferation is activated, which means that wound healing is accelerated. Accelerated re-epithelization (top skin layer becoming stronger, kind of) also means that transepidermal water loss is reduced, which translates to that your skin stays hydrated.

I won't continue in that kind of language anymore, but I just wanted to make a clearer connection between what actually happens and the claims that are put out concerning a product. Maybe I'm a control freak, or just curious, but when I read claims and statements like "accelerates wound healing" or "reduces fine lines" or "increases skin elasticity", I always want to know more about the how's and why's. Otherwise they tend to sound like randomly picked advantages to increase sales.

The thing is, they're not random. And surely, all companies that retail some kind of product would like that product to be bought by people. But if you keep writing what scientific processes are initiated when using a specific compound or combination thereof, few people would understand what the hell was going on. So with this, I just wanted to make the connection, to say that there is reason behind these statements. One of the key concerns though, is whether manufacturers actually include enough of the ingredient(s) for them to have any noticeable effect. I want to be really transparent about these things so I will tell you straight up that ÄLV contains 3.5% d-Panthenol (it is not recommended to exceed 5% in topical formulations). 

Now, to return to the subject and round off: d-Pantenol is great. It can help treat sunburns, minor skin injuries and disorders (in concentrations of 2-5%), it reduces itching and calms irritated skin and improves skin elasticity. When used on hair, it coats the strands and seals their surface, which causes there to be less opportunity for split ends to arise. And that was all for me today!