#ALNOI - olive squalane

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Time to put another ingredient under the magnifying glass! This time around I've chosen to write about one of my favorite all-natural ingredients: olive squalane. 

Picture:  pinterest

Picture: pinterest

As the name alludes to, this ingredient is derived from olives, but can also be found in for example amaranth and rice bran.
The counterpart to these botanical forms of squalane is called squalene, and can be found in animals. For example, in the livers of sharks and in our own skin and blood. It helps to keep our skin hydrated and soft.
The interesting thing about squalene is that when we're born, the content of it in our skin is relatively high, but declines from our late twenties/early thirties and onwards, and with that... skin elasticity. Also, squalane and squalene differs in skin care because squalene tends to clog pores and also is very unstable (=short shelf life, which we can be thankful for as it limits the amount of shark liver products out there), while squalane is a lot more stable and is able to penetrate the skin completely and doesn't clog the pores. 

In e: products, I use olive squalane (OS) for different reasons. a), it makes the skin very soft to the touch, and b), it is good for aging skin that isn't producing squalene at the same rate any more. But there's even more...

- OS fuels skin cell renewal
- OS promotes moisture retention by creating a barrier between the skin and the environment, and intercepts free radicals (environmental stressors that can lead to premature aging of the skin)
- While the effects of OS UV-damaged skin is still being studied, it's at this point thought that OS helps with uneven skin pigmentation resulting from exposure to UV light (long term exposure to sun creates more melanin to protect the skin). Results of more even skin tones have also been achieved when using OS on scars
- Because OS is able to penetrate into the deeper skin layers, it is able to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

So, while I can't really say that I can see this all working - because let's face it, I'm in my mid-twenties and live in Holland where the sun is rarely seen -, I do believe in this product based on how smooth and supple it makes my skin feel, and how fast it goes in. The products that you can find it in for now is the HARMONI scrub, the MIRAKEL hair oil, and the NORRSKEN body butter. You can also bet your sweet ass that it'll be starring as one of the main characters in the upcoming ÄNGEL face oil. I can't wait to share it -- it's heavenly. In all respects. Soft to touch,  delicately floral in scent, and light blue in color. But as we say in Sweden: den som väntar på något gott väntar aldrig för länge!