A little note on ingredients (#ALNOI): vitamin E

ingredientsEva ElvelinComment

With the product line starting to expand faster, I thought I'd drop a few lines concerning the ingredients used. While some of the e:mists contain fragrance oils (see the ingredient lists of each separate scent), all products of e:botanicals are 100% natural. I source organic ingredients when possible. 

In developing new products, I go from a rough sketch and refine with each new sample batch after testing and evaluating for some time. An ingredient that you'll see used a lot is vitamin E (a-tocopherol), which is good for both skin, hair and nails. The one I use is derived from cereal germ, and is an antioxidant that helps skin stay youthful, but that also locks in moisture and can protect against UV-light. In addition, it's a natural preservative. 

In the future, I'll keep posting little notes on the different ingredients you can find in e: products. 

With all my best,

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