Lip balm ingredients

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The skin is our largest organ and it's an absorptive one: what we put on it can also go into our bodies - we know this. But smearing on skin is still not equal to consuming something via your mouth. If you eat something, and that something is made by something else than mother nature directly, there are rules for it's composition. Something a group of big companies seem to have overlooked when they put carcinogens in their lip balms.

I just got sent an article about this a couple of days ago, and was completely taken aback by the lack of forethought that seems to have gone into the formulation of some lip balms. I don't want to believe that the research is true! An article that treats the matter can be found here, as well as a list of the lip balms that were tested (some of which have been withdrawn from the market already). 

Now I figured, why not take this moment for some shameless self promotion. Or, not promoting myself so much but nature, and the contents of the e: lip balms. You can read all the ingredients on the product pages themselves, but to elaborate slightly...

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Both lip balms are made from a mix of liquid oils, solid fats, and solid waxes. The composition is made for a more Northern climate, so if you live in Spain or similar you might want to add a note with your order so that I can change the ratio for you. The waxes protect your lips and ensures that the balm stay on for some time, while the oils and butters absorb into your skin over time, leaving them seriously soft. And hey, no one will stop you if you want to use KÄR on dry spots on other parts of your body, too.