How it came to be

e:mistEva ElvelinComment

I started making room- and body mists for personal use a couple of years ago when I was living in Denver, CO. As a yoga teacher and practician, I wanted to be able to create an inspiring vibe in the practice space without filling it with incense smoke, which I found to get in the way of proper breathing and general focus. Mists made from different blends of essential oils proved to be a great alternative, and I started making additional versions for other spaces and occasions.

With additional experimentation, I developed blends that I found to be so pleasant that I wanted to wear them. Transitioning from traditional alcohol-based perfumes to a more natural alternative also made me realize that the perfumes I'd been using before had been irritating my skin and given me occasional headaches due to their intensity.

Through these experiences, the therapeutic benefits of essential oils became apparent, and it made sense how the different scents were able to instill different atmospheres when used in rooms, and how my choice of body spray blend varied depending on my mood and physical state. For example, I tended to use mists that contained lavender oil when I had a headache, or mint for when I felt anxious or stressed. After some research, I found reports from scientific studies that explained the effects of various aromatherapy oils, and you can read more about this in the 'aromatherapy' section linked to in the top menu.

As I moved back to Europe and Amsterdam, I found that people around me really liked the mists. But, when setting out to get supplies to make some extra bottles to give away, I noticed that I couldn't get ahold of any materials easily. And, while it took a long time to crack the idea, it finally dawned on me that I could play a part in bringing this product to the European market. As a small homage to my background, the names of the mists are all Swedish - like me. I really hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do.

Eva Elvelin, founder