In December 2016, I founded e:botanicals on the principle that high-quality natural skin care products should be available to those who are interested, and these products should be truly reflective of the statement “high quality”. In effect, this means that in addition to being natural, the ingredients used are responsibly sourced, intentional (not consisting of fillers), and with high percentages of active ingredients. Following my commitment to true bodycare, there is not one ingredient in the products of e:botanicals that are not of natural origin. The contents of these jars and bottles are basically so good you could eat them - though I don’t think your palate will find them as delicious as your skin will.

Nature, beauty and simplicity are the core underlying values of all endeavors of e:botanicals, and the “mindset” of buying dozens of products each containing one or two active ingredients in small concentrations does not fit into my vision of sustainability and effectiveness. The result is a modest product line where the formulations are reflective of the needs of the 21st century person. Most don’t have the time to dabble with 10 products every morning and evening, and do research into various ingredients. My goal is to be honest and transparent in what I do, and to provide effective naturals for busy people. High speed, no nonsense.

Nature, beauty and simplicity also happen to be defining factors of the Nordic life, to which the brand still holds strong ties to. Having grown up in Sweden, I know that the Northern climate is demanding. This environment results in high standards and expectations when it comes to beauty- and body care products, and so the vision I’ve set out to manifest is a minimalist product line with maximum benefits.

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